What Did Mr Wonka Comment About Mike Teavee’S Condition?

Why did Mr Wonka and black glasses to the visitors?

Why did Mr Wonka hand black glasses to the visitors.

Ans: – The visitors had entered a room with extremely bright light.

Mr Wonka handed back goggles to them to protect their eyesight..

How did Veruca Salt die?

Veruca is eliminated at the end of her musical number in the film (“I Want it Now”) after climbing a machine designed to tell whether or not the goose eggs are “good” or “bad” eggs. The machine judges her as a “bad egg” and she disappears down the garbage chute.

Who played teavee 2005?

Jordan Paul FryJordan Paul Fry (born June 7, 1993) is an American actor, best known for his roles as Mike Teavee in the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and its tie-in video game, and as Lewis/Cornelius Robinson in Meet the Robinsons.

How old is Veruca Salt now?

Julie Dawn Cole (born 26 October 1957) is an English actress, singer, author, and psychotherapist who has been active for more than 40 years. She began as a child performer in what remains her best-remembered film, 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, playing Veruca Salt.

Why did Mr Wonka want to gift the factory to Charlie?

Wonka explains to Charlie that he has decided to give the factory to him. … He is looking for a child like Charlie who will run the factory exactly the way he has always run it. He believes an adult would want to change things, and he does not want that. Charlie immediately understands the idea behind the golden tickets.

How old is Jordan Fry?

27 years (June 7, 1993)Jordan Fry/Age

Why did Mr Wonka ask all his workers to leave the factory?

Wonka initially went out of business because his jealous competitors sent spies into the factory to learn all of the Wonka secrets. When the competitors began replicating Mr. Wonka’s amazing candy inventions, Mr. Wonka dismissed all his workers and shut down his factory.

Is Charlie Bucket still alive?

Charlie Bucket – Peter Ostrum He now lives in Lowville, New York and works as a vet.

Where is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set?

MunichThe film tells the story of a poor child named Charlie Bucket who, after finding a Golden Ticket in a chocolate bar, visits Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory along with four other children from around the world. Filming took place in Munich from August to November 1970.

Who plays Mike Teavee?

Actor Paris ThemmenIn Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Mike Teavee is the television-obsessed child who wins the Golden Ticket. Actor Paris Themmen, who played Teavee in the 1971 film, fulfilled his character’s wildest TV dreams when he appeared on Jeopardy! Tuesday night.

Why was Grandpa Joe in bed?

Grandpa Joe is one of Charlie’s four bed-ridden grandparents. He tells Charlie (and the reader) the story of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and the mystery of the secret workers. When Charlie finds the Golden Ticket, Grandpa Joe leaps out of bed for joy for the first time in almost twenty years.

Did Augustus Gloop die?

Augustus’s fate is left ambiguous, in both the London and Broadway version. Although keeping many of the same aspects of his West End Musical Counterpart, Broadway Augustus is actually played by a young adult and his father is implied to be deceased (like Charlie’s).

Why does Mr Wonka think that Mike teavee is lucky?

The Oompa-Loompas stretched Mike Teavee twice his normal size while saving him from being shrunk to couple of inches. Mr Wonka thinks that he is lucky because he can play basketball now. C) Mr Wonka found out that Charlie will run the factory exactly the way he ran it. So he wants him to give the factory.

What was the Favourite food of Oompa Loopas?

cacao beansThe Oompa-Loompas enjoy singing and dancing. They’re always making up songs. Their favourite food is the cacao bean, the central ingredient in a bar of chocolate, and in the Wonka Factory they have access to as many cacao beans as they could possibly wish for.

What happened to Mike teavee?

Much like in the books and movies, Mike meets his doom in the TV room, shrinking himself down to go inside the television and hopping from channel to channel until they are able to retrieve him (“Vidiots”). However, he is not stretched back out in the end- Mrs.

How did Mr Wonka travel?

Wonka used to travel across the world in the Great Glass Elevator. … Willy Wonka collected the knucklebones of a 700 years old Grimalkin that lived in a cave on Mount Popocatepetl. The old Flea used to live on Crumpets that was a 36 years old cat.

What did the squirrels leader do to Veruca?

As she reaches to grab one, all of the squirrels suddenly pounce on Veruca and knock her on her head. They drag a resistant Veruca toward the garbage chute. Mr. Wonka announces that Veruca must be a bad nut.

What did Mr Wonka give to Charlie and Grandpa Joe?

Wonka interrupts Charlie and Grandpa Joe’s conversation by handing each a mug overflowing with chocolate from his river. He tells them both to drink and asks why they look so frail.