Quick Answer: Why Is Reclaimed Wood So Expensive?

Is reclaimed wood cheaper than new wood?

One of the most sought-after salvaged building materials is reclaimed hardwood flooring.

It’s also a budget friendly choice, with prices for common species such as oak up to 50 percent cheaper than brand new hardwood flooring..

Is reclaimed wood going out of style?

However, the timeless quality and the unique characteristics that reclaimed wood offers, make it a trend that’s never going to go out of style.

Why is reclaimed wood better?

The Advantages of Reclaimed Wood If harvested responsibly, reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that reduces landfill waste as well as the use of environmental hazards to manufacture new products. … Looks: Because it’s aged and weathered, reclaimed wood has a desirably unique look that’s hard to find in new materials.

How long does reclaimed wood last?

Age will vary dependent upon the source of the wood. Old growth wood salvaged from vintage buildings could be over 100 years old while post industrial wood waste may be much younger.

Is Reclaimed Wood toxic?

From adhesives to insecticides to lead, reclaimed wood provides safe harbor to all sorts of things you can’t see with the naked eye. And it’s not just chemicals that should concern you. … If they aren’t there, chances are they’ve been killed off with insecticides.

How do you treat reclaimed wood for bugs?

Borax and Water Spray Mixing a little bit of borax and water and throwing it into a spray bottle is a great way to spray the wood for bugs. It will not only kill any insects that are currently living in the wood, but it will also prevent any new bugs from taking refuge in your reclaimed wood.

How much is reclaimed wood worth?

And buying reclaimed lumber continues to get easier—and in some instances, less expensive relative to the escalating cost of new hardwood. Depending on what kind of wood you’re going for, you will spend $5 to $20 per square foot.

Why is Barnwood so expensive?

Reclaimed wood is also said to be more expensive because of the process that is involved in reclaiming it from its previous use. There is much more work involved in sourcing the material to create reclaimed wood furniture and material for reclaimed wood flooring.

Does reclaimed wood need to be treated?

If using the wood indoors and you want to keep the patina (which is often the case for buying it in the first place), then you won’t have much to worry about. If you plan to use it outside, then you may want to treat it for insects to prevent future issues, but I’ll touch on that in a minute.

What is the going rate for old barn wood?

At a minimum you will find that reclaimed wood flooring averages around $8 – $12 a square foot. In certain cases, the maximum cost can reach prices as high as $20 – $40 a square foot!

Is there a market for old barn wood?

– Barn Woods Land owners looking to take down older barns and place the wood on the market for resale can find themselves in possession of unique materials, including barn boards and hand-hewn barn beams.

How can you tell if wood is chestnut?

Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a light to medium brown, darkening to a reddish brown with age. Narrow sapwood is well-defined and is pale white to light brown. Wormy Chestnut is also seen, which is chestnut that has been damaged by insects, leaving holes and other discoloration in the wood.