Quick Answer: What Is A Pro Con List?

What are some pros and cons?


The pros and cons of something are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision.

Motherhood has both its pros and cons..

What are the pros and cons of weighing up?

Use these tips to improve your weighted pro-con lists:Limit Your Scale. Use a scale that gives you the levels of importance you need, but no more. … Brainstorm First, Assign Weights Second. Avoid assigning weights while you are listing your pros and cons. … Assign Highest & Lowest Weights First. … Ask Why.

What does the word pros mean?

or consideration in favor of1. An argument or consideration in favor of something: weighing the pros and cons. 2. One who supports a proposal or takes the affirmative side in a debate.

How do you think pros and cons?

10 Tips for Better Pro-Con ListsUse for the Right Decisions. Use pro-con lists for Go/No-Go, Continue/Cancel or other decisions with a clear Yes/No answer. … Ask the Right Question. … Use Differences Only. … Make It Personal. … Drill In. … Avoid Duplicates. … Avoid Compound Statements. … Use Categories.More items…•

Is pro positive or negative?

Yes, the two terms imply the same. ‘Pros and cons’ comes from Latin pro et contra meaning ‘for and against’. It actually means ‘the positive and negative aspects of an argument’.

What are pros examples?

Examples of Pros:New car is safer.New car gets better gas mileage.New car has more cargo space.

What are the pros and cons of using ICT?

Advantages and disadvantages of i.C.TCommunication – Speed / time – money can be saved because it’s much quicker to move information around. … Globalization – Video conferencing saves money on flights and accommodation. … Cost effectiveness – It feels free to send an email (although it isn’t); it’s without doubt cheaper than phone calls.More items…

How do I list pros and cons for a job?

To get the best results out of a pros and cons list, organize it and complete it in the following way:Format your pros and cons chart.Select a method of populating your list.Brainstorm and list the pros of the decision.Examine and list the risks or cons of the decision.Add third-party pros and cons.

What are the pros and cons of working in a group to make decisions?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Decision Making:S.noAdvantagesDisadvantages1Diversity in opinionsConsumption of Time2Participation and interest of the individuals’Different ideas and opinions3Positive and understanding membersBeing silent in disagreement4The collective contribution of ideasSocial Pressures10 more rows

What are two pros and cons?

Pros are arguments FOR taking a particular path. Cons are arguments AGAINST.

Who invented the pros and cons list?

The birth of the pros and cons list: Benjamin Franklin’s 1772 letter to Joseph Priestley. In this 1772 letter, Ben Franklin lays out how his invention, the pro/con list, works: …my Way is, to divide half a Sheet of Paper by a Line into two Columns, writing over the one Pro, and over the other Con.