Quick Answer: What Does The Sentry Tell Creon Has Happened To Polyneices Body?

What does Creon say happened to Polyneices body?

Creon then resumes power and declares that Eteocles will have a proper burial; however, Polyneices’ body will be left for the dogs and vultures to eat, as a punishment for his disgrace.

Antigone, Polyneices’ sister, then learns of such news and decides that she must give her brother a proper burial..

Why did Creon leave Polyneices body unburied?

After their death, Creon, brother of Jocasta, ascended to the throne of Thebes and he decreed that Polyneices’ corpse was not to be buried or even mourned because he betrayed his own country. Leaving someone unburied was considered as the ultimate disgrace.

Why does the sentry bring Antigone to Creon despite knowing she will be executed is the death penalty a fitting punishment for Antigone’s crime Explain how does she defend herself?

The sentry still brings Antigone to Creon because it is his job and Creon threatened the sentry to do it. The death penalty is not a fitting punishment because it is just burying someone. … She defends herself by trying to tell Creon that he deserved to be buried.

Does Creon kill himself?

No, Creon does not kill himself in Antigone. His wife, son, and niece all commit suicide during the course of the play, but Creon refrains from taking…

How has Creon ordered Polyneices body to be treated?

Creon has ordered that their brother, Polynices, is not to be given a proper burial. … proper burial. She will face the punishment of death for disobeying Creon’s order.

Why does Creon accuse the sentry of the crime of burying Polyneices?

But the buried body was barely covered in dirt. Creon was extremely mad about this because it undermines his power as king. Creon thinks the Sentinel is responsible because Creon thinks someone bribed him to bury Polyneices because he believes no one would willingly bury him knowing they would be stoned.

Why did Creon make the law?

Creon’s reasons for upholding the letter of the law go beyond his concern for the integrity of the state. When he assumes the rule of Thebes, he becomes concerned for his own authority and wants to ensure that his commands, as king, should not be questioned.

What two crimes does Creon accuse Antigone of?

Antigone confronts Creon, says that she chose to obey divine law rather than his law, and repeats her willingness to die (441-470). Creon accuses her of hubris and of acting like a man; he suspects Ismene too (471-496).

How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon?

How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon? … The sentry says someone has sprinkled dust and done the burial ritual on Polyneices creon. Creon suspects a man bribed one of the sentries to do it.

What does the sentry tell Creon?

The sentry tells him that someone has sprinkled dust on Polynieces’ body. Creon suspects a man, an anarchist, may have bribed Creon’s guards to do this. 4. What is the dramatic irony in this scene?

Why did Eurydice kill herself?

She appears briefly in Sophocles’ Antigone (as an “archetypal grieving, saddened mother” and an older counterpart to Antigone), to kill herself after learning, from a messenger, that her son Haemon and his betrothed, Antigone, have both committed suicide.

Does Creon bury Polyneices at the end?

Creon Timeline and Summary After Eteocles and Polyneices kill each other, Creon takes the throne of Thebes. Creon orders that, because Polyneices attacked the city, he will not be given proper burial rites. Anyone who buries Polyneices will be punished by death.

What was Creon’s punishment?

Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone is that he loses his family to death. His son, Haemon, stabs himself when he sees that Antigone has hung…

Why does Creon hate Polyneices?

Creon refused to bury Polyneices because Polyneices started a war with his native city, Thebes after he was exiled to spill blood and sell his people into slavery. Creon thinks that the only punishment acceptable for this deed is to leave Polyneices unburied.

What does Creon say is the greatest evil?

What does Creon say is the greatest evil that society faces? Anarchy is the greatest evil that society faces.