Quick Answer: What Does The Greaser Hair Symbolize?

What do cars symbolize in the outsiders?


Cars represent the Socs power and the greasers’ vulnerability.

Because their parents can afford to buy them their “tuff” cars, the Socs have increased mobility and protection..

Why is pony’s hair so important to him?

Ponyboy’s hair is so important to him because his hair is his identity. To cut his hair would imply that he no longer belongs in his Greaser group. His hair is, essentially, the perfect “Greaser” hair. … Since Pony’s parents died when he was young, his family has been his older brother Darry and the rest of the Greasers.

How do greasers talk?

Greasers have a very distinctive way of talking When they talk, they use loads of slang. For example, they use the word “ain’t”, “kiddo”, or even phrases like “Like it or lump it.”(pg 43) or ‘”No sirree, bub.”‘(pg. … Another example of this is the word “broad”. A broad is slang for a woman or girl.

What do greasers put in their hair?

The most notable physical characteristic of greasers was the greased-back hairstyles they fashioned for themselves through use of hair products such as pomade or petroleum jelly, which necessitated frequent combing and reshaping to maintain.

What does ponyboy’s hair symbolize?

In Ponyboy’s world, his identity is the most important thing in his life. It’s what defines him as a person, it’s what keeps him safe, and it’s what binds him with others in his gang. … His hair is a symbol of both his independence (he chooses to be in the gang and not to cut his hair), and his belonging.