Quick Answer: What Does Spice Up Your Life Mean?

How do you express your heart touching?

Here’s a list of synonyms for heartwarming….What is another word for heart touching?gratifyinghearteningheartfeltinspiringjoyouslovingpleasantpositivesweettouching67 more rows.

What does when pigs fly mean?

US, informal. —used to say that one thinks that something will never happenThe train station will be renovated when pigs fly.

What is the idiom of at the drop of a hat?

Immediately, without delay, as in We were ready to pack our bags and go on vacation at the drop of a hat. This phrase probably alludes to signaling the start of a race or other contest by dropping a hat. [

What is the meaning of once in a blue moon?

When we say that something happens once in a blue moon, what we mean is that it happens very rarely. History of expression: … The third full moon visible on the rare occasions that there are four in a season is known as a ‘blue moon’.

What does spice up mean?

spice up(Verb) To enhance the flavor of something by adding spice to it. spice up(Verb) To make more exotic, fun or extravagant.

What can I do to spice up my life?

Here are their six tips for spicing up your life:1) Take charge of your daily routine. … 2) Utilize the power of music and laughter. … 3) Get out into nature. … 4) Think outside the box. … 5) Actively seek adventure. … 6) Love yourself.

What does soul touching mean?

The term “touching souls” can mean many things. In all religions, it often refers to a spiritual experience in which you experience a higher power literally transforming your outlook, your sense of reality and your perception of the world by having your soul “touched” by God, an angel, or other spiritual entity.

What do you say when something touches your heart?

What to say when something touches your heart?My heart literally melted. copy.Awww. copy.I’m touched. copy.Damn my emotions. copy.I can’t even begin to describe how soul stirring it is. copy.It stirs my soul. copy.That’s so touching. -1. copy.

What does the spice of life mean?

To be that which makes life interesting, exciting, enjoyable, or worthwhile. From the proverb “variety is the spice of life,” meaning that having many different experiences is what makes life interesting.

What is the meaning of make it in life?

(idiomatic) to succeed in doing something, for example in reaching a place, going somewhere, attending an event, arriving in time for something, adding to one’s schedule or itinerary, or in getting where one wants to be in one’s life or career, which sometimes means becoming or wanting to become successful (succeed in …

What does the idiom The ball is in her court mean?

It’s your responsibility now; it’s up to you. For example, I’ve done all I can; now the ball’s in your court. This term comes from tennis, where it means it is the opponent’s turn to serve or return the ball, and has been transferred to other activities. [

How can teens spice up their lives?

25 Easy Ways to Make Your Life More InterestingGreet the Dawn. Even if you’re not a morning person, plan to watch the sun rise. … Take a Different Path. Give yourself some extra time to take the scenic route to work. … Plan a Mini Roadtrip. … Move to the Beat of a Different Drummer. … Turn Off Your TV. … Make Something Interesting. … Find a Poem. … Wander Down Memory Lane.More items…•

What does touch your heart mean?

to touch someone’s heart means to make them feel empathy or sympathy.

What does spicy mean slang?

6. Spicy. Once used to describe a food heated with spices or peppers, “spicy” now refers to a girl who is rude and sassy. “Did you hear the way she talked to her parents? She’s so spicy!”

How can I spice up Netflix?

Down below are five solid tips to spice up your Netflix and chill:Ambiance. Nothing can set the mood between you and your date quite like the mood of the room itself. … The Type of Snack is Important. … Wine is Fine, But Whiskey’s Quicker. … Music. … Take It To The Bath Tub.

Where does the term spruced up come from?

The verb spruce up means “to make neat or smart in appearance,” and it first appeared in English around the end of the 1500s. … Spruce leather was used to make a style of jerkin that ended up being popular among the well-to-do and fashionable.