Question: What Does The Name Dieter Mean In English?

What is German for John?

JohannesJohannes (Germanic: German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch) Jóhannes (Icelandic) Jon (Basque, Norwegian).

What is the meaning of the name Dieter?

Army Of The PeopleOrigin: German. Meaning: Army Of The People. ♥ Add to my Namelist. The name Dieter means Army Of The People and is of German origin.

Is Dieter German for Peter?

is a widespread boy’s name of Old German origin. … It is very popular in Germany as well as related names Dedrick and Theodoric. Short baby names close to Dieter are Didier, Deodar, Pieter, Deker, Dizier, Peter, Ritter and Tedor.

Is Dieter a male or female name?

The name Dieter is a boy’s name of German origin.

How do you pronounce Dieter?

“Dee”-ter rhymes with peter with a long e….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:d ee t er d ee t er do see to hurt What does this mean?Gender:MaleOrigin:German2 more rows

Is Dieter a German name?

Dieter is a German given name, a short form of Dietrich, from theod+ric “people ruler”, see Theodoric.

Is Dieter a Scrabble word?

DIETER is a valid scrabble word.

Is Hans German for John?

Hans is a Germanic masculine given name in German, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish-speaking populations. It was originally short for Johannes (John), but is now also recognized as a name in its own right for official purposes.

What does Pete mean?

slang. : safe sense 1b could size up a pete at a glance and tell instantly whether to drill it or draw the spindle— W. M. Swann.