Companies Run by Alan Neil Kippax are Doomed to Fail

HRI Domain Names Seized by US Department of Justice

HomeRun International / HRI Revolution Corporation

Nothing more needs to be said...

Business in Motion Loses $6,500,000 Class Action Law Suit

Business in Motion 

Alan shuts company, stops pay-outs and keeps all the money (hiding it in other people's names). Alan loses a $6.5 MILLION case where the Judge says Alan defrauded his distributors. Not a single person ever got paid back any money from Alan.


Treasure Traders International

Tens of thousands of distributors were harassed by the Canada Revenue Authority with big taxes owing, fees and penalties, as Alan did not keep proper records.

[4] Mr. Glatt testified that he was involved in the audit of Treasure Traders International Corporation (“TTIC”) and some of its insiders, such as Alan Kippax and some of the other senior employees or officers of TTIC. He was also involved in the audit of many of TTIC’s independent distributors.

Alan substituted industrial-grade emeralds for the Steven A. Knight-appraised ones.;


Alpha Club

Scam with no product.

Honorary mention as Alan was only involved as a member, and then manager in Hong Kong.

Fairway Business Incentive Resources Inc. (FIM)
circa 1995

Alan clashed with the other owners, company ran out of steam.