People Doing Business with Alan Neil Kippax Get Hurt!

Alan Neil Kippax loses class action lawsuit confirming he defrauded his Distributors, with overpriced products and a pyramid scheme designed to enrich Alan and no one else...

Business in Motion Pyramid Scheme Class Action Lawsuit info from
Business in Motion Pyramid Scheme Class Action Lawsuit Info from Canadian Law Firm Branch McMaster

Alan does not pay income tax, nor keep proper accounting records, so the government goes after Distributors. Most Distributors with TTI were assessed unfair tax and penalties...

David v. The Queen, 2016 TCC 79 (CanLII)

[1] John David is a retired businessman living in Bathurst, New Brunswick, and is one of approximately 19,000 individuals and corporations in Canada who were enticed into being distributors in a pyramid scheme known as Treasure Traders International (“TTI”). The Minister of National Revenue (the “Minister”) alleges that Mr. David earned $21,000 of commission income from his involvement with TTI as a distributor which he failed to report in his 2004 taxation year, and reassessed him accordingly, together with gross negligence penalties. Mr. David argues that he earned substantially less, and in fact incurred a loss from his involvement in TTI when his expenses are factored in. He also argues that he did not carry on his TTI operations personally, but that they were carried on through his company, M.S.J Services Ltd. (“MSJ”). Mr. David has appealed the Minister’s reassessment[1] to this Court.

Alan uses other people to hide assets and pay his bills. Here is an example of a 75-year old lady taken advantage of by Alan:

Varty & Company v. Camp, 2017 BCCA 369 (CanLII)

[6] Ms. Camp provided in excess of $63,000 in retainers and payments on account over about a seven-month period. Thereafter she made no further payments.

[7] In her affidavit before the registrar, Ms. Camp disputed that she was Mr. Varty’s client and denied the existence of a contract between her and his firm. She said that debts owed to Varty & Company were owed by Mr. Kippax and that her payments to Varty & Company were only loans to Mr. Kippax.

Alan also has trouble with employees, and could never keep them. Many wanted to report Alan to the Authorities, and one actually did...and now many more are being filed.

Judgement Against Alan Neil Kippax by Philippines Department of Labor and Employment