Alan Neil Kippax is a Career Criminal with an Extensive List of Convictions

In Canada alone, here is a list of Alan's Criminal Record...

Kippax v Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness), 2013 CanLII 101835 (CA IRB)

Mr. Kippax has the following criminal and other convictions:

[13] In the panel’s view, the numerous convictions he accumulated over two decades show that Mr. Kippax has little regard for Canada’s criminal laws. The positive factor arising from the 15 year period when he was crime free is diminished by his subsequent convictions which are the most serious offences on his record.

• 2011: Obstruction of a Peace Officer

• 2009: Two Counts Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm

• 2009: Dangerous Driving Causing Death

• 2008: Speeding (16 to 29 Over the Limit, Out of Province)

• 2007 (again): Speeding (104 in a 60 Zone)

• 2007: Speeding (135 in a 100 Zone)

• 2006: Speeding (129 in a 100 Zone)

• 7 June 1994: Fail to Appear, Dangerous Driving

• 28 March 1990: Assault Causing Bodily Harm

• 12 September 1989: Driving While Disqualified

• 4 November 1988: Obstruction of a Peace Officer

• 28 July 1988: Possession of a Narcotic

• 11 May 1988: Possession of a Narcotic

• 19 February 1988: Driving While Impaired

• 10 December 1987: Possession of an Unregistered and Restricted Weapon

• 27 March 1987: Possession of a Narcotic

Alan Kippax violated his parole conditions:

[36] Mr. Kippax violated conditions 3, 4, and 6 of his Statutory Release Certificate. In doing so, he also violated the Immigration Division’s release order of 30 April 2013 and $30,000 in bonds were forfeited. Mr. Kippax has shown through his actions that he is unable to comply with the terms of an Immigration release order even when his freedom and large sums of money are at risk.

Alan Kippax is a Danger to the Public:

[41] This panel has previously made a finding, on a balance of probabilities, that Mr. Kippax would likely re-offend if released and, as such, constitutes a danger to the public.