Additional Sources of Information on the Criminal History of Alan Neil Kippax

Just google "Alan Kippax", "CBC Kippax", "Alan Kippax scam", etc. Despite his efforts over the last few years, hiring SEO experts to try to erase his history and create a favorably alternate version, here are a few of the many links available:

Independent Research Site Uncovering theLong Arm Legal Scam

Pyramid Scheme Victims Win $6.5M in Class Action Lawsuit

CBC Investigation: Easy Money

An Investigative Editorial of the Business in Motion Pyramid Scheme

BiM is an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

Alan Neil Kippax Class Action Suit

Canadian Police Bring Criminal Fraud Charges Against Alan Neil Kippax

Money Circulation Swindle

The Canadian Legal Information Institute Database is a treasure-trove of cases of Alan's involvement with Canadian court (just type "alan kippax" or "kippax" in the top field)