Would you invest in a beautiful new car, and then give the keys to a repeat offender?

Alan Neil Kippax

alias Baron A Neil
alias Baron A Kippax
alias HRI Kippax
alias Peter Kippax

2019: Fled Philippines for Malaga, Spain

2019: Drunk Driving, Hit and Run, Paid Bribe to Avoid Prosecution - Philippines

2015: Lost $6,560,000 Class Action Lawsuit Launched by his Distributors - Canada

2015: Deported from Canada

2010: Convicted of Dangerous Driving Causing Death - Canada


Failed Companies

Alan's character ensures that any company that he starts will fail - arguments with the other partners, cheating staff, illegal activities unrelated to the business...


Criminal Convictions

"His criminal behaviour began in the mid-1980’s and continued until the early 1990’s. He became criminally active again in the late 2000’s." - Canada Court


Distributors Defrauded

$6,560,000 awarded in class-action lawsuit. Not a penny has been recovered, as Alan hides his assets using other people.


Years in Prison

Alan served time in jail with charges of dangerous driving causing death, drugs, violating parole, and deportation against him.

False Claim: Baron of Scotland

Alan claims to be a Baron of Scotland. However there is no such remark on his UK passport, probably because: “The United Kingdom policy of using titles on passports requires that the applicant provides evidence that the Lord Lyon has recognised a feudal barony…”

Wikipedia - Barons in Scotland

In any case, the correct form of address would be ‘Alan Kippax, Baron of…’, not Baron Kippax – which Alan uses in an effort to keep people from finding out about his background.

False Claim: Ambassador of Canada to C.A.R

Alan also claims to be the Canadian Ambassador to the Central African Republic (Alan loves the acronym C.A.R.), a claim that the Canadian Immigration Department has stated is false:

[31] “At the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of a fraudulent passport from an African state.

Narcisist, or worse...

Alan’s problem is his character. People might describe him as charismatic or energetic but then upon getting to know him, as a sociopath or even a psychopath. Even the Canadian Government says he is “a danger to the public”. Alan only takes care of Alan. Most court documents refer to Alan’s “lack of remorse”.

Alan keeps ironclad control over a company, even though he works in the name of other people. Alan has a habit of confrontation, despite his self-proclaimed Jehovah Witness affiliation. So, while Alan may not set out to ruin a company, his character flaws ensure its demise.

Alan cannot even manage his own money. By his own accounts, his companies collected $38,400,000 (32,000 distributors x $1,200 in TTI) and $48,000,000 (8,000 x $6,000 in BiM) for a total of $86.4 million. Let’s take Alan’s word (haha) that he paid out 63%, and assume operating costs were 25% - that leaves $10,368,000 in Alan’s pocket. Yet he has no assets and cannot afford to pay-out his current scheme’s earners?

Is there another Alan "train wreck" waiting to happen?

Let’s look at the track record of Alan Neil Kippax in the Philippines (2015 to 2019):

1. Not a single person has made $10,000 to $50,000 per month, as Alan boldly proclaims. In fact, Alan refuses to pay commissions. Not a single product has been shipped.

2. Alan Neil Kippax has been in the Philippines on a tourist visa since 2015. Running a business and receiving money through his fiancée Marivic Protacio. Neither has registered the business with the SEC or the tax authorities, in contravention of Philippine laws.

3. Alan Neil Kippax is driving without a drivers license. Alan's track record shows over and over again that he is a dangerous, aggressive driver. How long before he is arrested AGAIN?

4. Investors (friends) were guaranteed that the Vaultress coin (cryptocurrency) be the only currency accepted by HRI and that it would increase in value – but Vaultress has been put on hold.

5. Those few that are in a position to receive earnings from the business are being begged and threatened to re-invest any earnings, as Alan claims not to have cash flow (though he can take yearly vacations to Europe). Alan has refused to pay out any money.

6. The products offered are repackaged by Alan and sold for more than the vendor sells for on their own website. Not surprising, giving that Alan was found by a Canadian court to have cheated people with scam travel deals, inferior emeralds and other products.

7. The "Boiling Point" product is an investment scheme regulated by the Philippines SEC; of course, in order to get around government rules put in place to protect investors, Alan has not registered it with them.

8. There was a constant turnover of employees (Alan calls them “contractors” in violation of employment law). Alan would short-change, overwork and make unrealistic demands, and after a few months, even the good-natured Philippinos would have enough. He took advantage of friends that were crucial for him to get started, and get rid of them when he thought they were no longer necessary despite their years of loyal commitment.

9. All business contracts were broken by Alan. HRI could have started in 2016, 2017 and 2018, however Alan refused to make the agreed-upon payments to his various suppliers.

10. Alan proposed to Marivic in 2015, but tells friends he will never marry her. Tried to abduct his daughter Pauline when Marivic did not want to move; Marivic's family had to call the police.

11. HRIrevolution is a copy of the program, complete with the same websites, as the BiM program that was found to be a fraud by Canadian Authorities.

What could possibly go wrong?

HRI Domain Names Seized by US Department of Justice

Alan's latest failed venture, resulting in fiancial losses for Alan's friends and investors...